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Diesel Fuel Delivery Trucks
Hawaii Fuel Delivery Company
Diesel Delivery Service

Fueling Services

Hawaii Logistic Services has been fueling Oahu since 1986. The fueling fleet offers direct fueling service (wet hose), gravity drops, and most transfer methods of fueling. Our fueling department is a 24/7 operation providing all types of fueling on a regular weekly schedule offering immediate fleet savings and improved operational efficiencies. We also have the ability to install above-ground tanks with "Smart Tank" Technology.  This service yields high accuracy in fuel inventory and on-time delivery service. In addition, improved fuel management avoids delays from long lines at the pump, driver downtime, and fuel/labor cost savings. We offer bio-diesel, all grades of gasoline, and on-road/off-road diesel.

Mobile Diesel Delivery

HLS Fuel Advantages

Bulk Fuel Delivery with Cloud Based Management

Single Source for Your Fuel & Trucking Needs

34 Years of Expert Customer Service

Round-the-Clock Deliveries
7 Days a Week

Ask About Our Portable Tanks and Bulk Pricing

Fuel Delivery Truck

HLS Fuel Benefits

Discounted Fuel & Trucking Packages Available

Eliminate Costly Downtime

Reduce Cost

Tailored Reliable Schedules

Increase Productivity


Above Ground & Portable Fuel Tanks

Our ample inventory of tanks allows us the flexibility to tailor a fuel program for any operation that requires fuel. The portable tanks we offer range from 250 to 5000 gallon capacities suitable for any property of any fleet size. We also offer Supervault above-ground tanks for long-term installation. Most of our tanks are equipped with "Smart Tank" technology providing 24/7 cloud-based monitoring for on-time accurate deliveries. Our Tank Programs are designed to decrease you fuel costs and increase your workflow efficiencies. Contact one of our fuel specialists today!

Portable Fuel Tanks
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